Kurlancheek’s 2020 Trends

Kurlancheek’s 2020 Trends

Kurlancheek’s 2020 Trends 1300 731 Kurlancheek Home Furnishings

The 2020 color chosen by Dulux is Tranquil Dawn. Taking inspiration from the sea and colors of the morning sky, this versatile color promises to change according to the tones it’s used with. A serene green designed to awaken interiors for 2020!

It is the ideal pastel to pair with darker tones such as black and deep blues and will beautifully complement neutral pinks and lilacs, all of which are key colors in next years interior trends.

With that said, neutrals and naturals are still very much in the mix with the shift moving from cool towards warm. Designers are recommending earthy browns and oranges. Earth tones will become the new neutral. Copper, orange, blush and soft yellows will bring an organic, bohemian feel in the upcoming year.

Blue was the “it” color of 2019 and nothing much is going to change about that other than it will move away from pastels and more towards darker blues. Moodier. Less powdery.

With earth tones being the new neutral in 2020, it seems a natural gravitation towards natural materials such as marble, stone, cork, metals, velvets. Multi textural and organic.

A new year brings change and progression into different style trends but gold is right there in 2020 as a welcomed returned classic. Gold takes over stainless, chrome and nickel and will be heavily featured in the modern home. We will see less rustic farmhouse and more luxury and glamour. Sparkling touches, metals, marbles etc.

Another touch on the modern style is geometric designs. From wallpaper to lighting, furniture to accents. The key is clean thin lines and a contemporary feel.

A brand new idea for the new year is the concept of bringing homes and offices together as one. No more separate office away from the family. Multi functional spaces and less seclusion will start to take shape. Incorporating desks and office spaces into living/family rooms.