Redesigning a Space Using Color!

Redesigning a Space Using Color!

Redesigning a Space Using Color! 828 607 Kurlancheek Home Furnishings

Some of our wonderful followers may not be aware but one of the services we offer here at Kurlancheek’s is an interior design service.
We’re actually not sales people at all! We’re designers with a passion for what we do and an extensive knowledge of trends, colors, textures and all things interior design!

One of the most important skills you can have as an interior designer is knowing how to tie a space together, and the best way to do this is with color!

Take the gorgeous Caracole dining table below, it truly is a thing of beauty, we can’t dispute that! But with a little magic and a little know-how we were able to totally re-invent it.

Check out the before and after pictures, and then we’ll tell you how we did it!

The How’s and Why’s

Step One:

Assess your surroundings!

Take a look at the area you’re updating and think about what colors you can see. Are your curtains blue? Do you have a bright purple accent chair that you love?

Take note of the colors in the room that you are going to be keeping!

For us, we picked out the pops of teal as we looked around the showroom and decided to bring that to the dining table in order to make the entire store flow.

Step Two:

What Does The Space Need?

Are you replacing the couch? Maybe you just need some new accessories like some throw pillows and a rug?

Decide what you need to bring to the space!

For our dining area we knew we needed to add more chairs. We also brought in a new rug, a painting, and table accessories.

Step Three:

Little by Little!

Start by bringing in one piece at a time.
Whether it be a throw cushion, a painting, a coffee table. Place one item and take several steps back. Once you are happy, move onto the next piece!

Observing the space from further back means you can take in more of the surroundings to see if the new addition flows!

Step Four:

Finishing Touches!

Once you’re happy with the placement of everything, add your finishing touches!
Throw a blanket over the arm of your couch. Hang that mirror. Place a vase of flowers on the console. Light a candle.

All these little details will MAKE the space!

And finally, sit back and enjoy your new room!

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